Life groups

Life Groups are Bible-based small groups that meet weekly in homes, September through June, to encourage members and regular attenders of RBC to fellowship with one another and practice hospitality (Acts 2:44; Romans 12:4-13; Hebrews 10:24-25).

Question Circle  FAQS

Why should I join a Life Group?

The Bible teaches that the church is who Christians are, not a place they attend, and God intends fellowship to be central to the life of His people. Therefore, life groups provide a more intimate setting than Sunday service, which presents more opportunities to bear one another's burdens, practice hospitality, disciple one another, and pray for one another.

What happens when a Life Group meets?

Every life group is unique but contains the same elements (refreshments, fellowship, worship, Bible study, and prayer). For example, imagine that you and five others were asked to paint a picture and told to portray the same landscape (group) using the same colors (elements). Once completed, every painting would look different due to the abilities, personalities, and perspectives of the painters, but at the same time, each picture would look similar because they painted the same landscape and used the same colors (elements).

Do Life Groups ever take a break?

Yes. Our groups operate on a quarterly basis and routinely take breaks. God is a God of order, so routine intervals help avoid burnout and establish healthy fellowship patterns.

What do the Life Groups study?

Life groups study books of the Bible in a question-based format that corresponds to the Sunday sermon. This approach is designed to give each individual the exposition of the text, followed by engaging questions to drive home personal application.

What types of Life Groups are there?

We currently have two types of groups: adults with childcare and adults without childcare.

How big is a Life Group?

We try and keep the groups between 8 and 12 people because we believe that is the optimal range for healthy discussion. Groups that exceed 12 people often make it too difficult for everyone to participate.

How do I join a Life Group?

Click on the "Find a group" button below, and you will be directed to the list of our current groups. Select the group that you would like to attend and email the leader for directions. You can also email if you have more questions.

Can I switch to a new Life Group?

Because each group is unique, we understand that not every person will fit into one group. If you want to switch groups, that is ok. Just let your group leader know, and he will have Jose Hurtado, our Life Groups Coordinator, help you find a new group.

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