Church membership is a formal relationship between a local church and a Christian where both parties commit to love and serve one another. The church serves its members by providing discipleship, care and accountability while members love and serve the church with their time, talents and treasure so that the church's ministry may continue.


How do I become a member?

1. Get to Know Us

We believe that the best way for you to get to know us is by attending our Sunday service and by joining one of our Life Groups.

2. Attend our Membership Matters Seminar

This five-week course will introduce you to RBC, the importance of church membership, and answer essential questions on the subject. Courses are held throughout the year, and you can find a list of upcoming classes here.

3. Complete the Membership Packet

4. Interview with an Elder

Once your membership packet is complete, contact Cory Scheid to schedule a time for your application to be reviewed.

5. Public Welcome

This is the culminating moment when the congregation extends an official welcome to those who have finished their membership/baptism process. At the beginning of a designated worship service you will be brought before the congregation to be welcomed and prayed for by the church.

Where can I learn more about church membership?

We recommend you read To Be or Not To Be a Church Member? by Wayne A. Mack.