Children's ministry

Our mission is to glorify God through evangelizing children, edifying volunteers and encouraging parents to disciple their children.

1st-3rd Grade Classroom

Bible  curriculum

Today churches have many options when it comes to children's ministry curriculum, and many of them are great. However, the wide variety often results in churches using a curriculum that does not align with their purpose or doctrine. At Revolve, we work to have generational doctrinal unity. We believe that parents and children must be united in where they are headed and what they believe. This conviction has led us to select Generations of Grace as our Children's Ministry curriculum because it coincides with our purpose and doctrine. Generations of Grace is a Biblically-based, unified curriculum that focuses on encouraging families and evangelizing children ages three to twelve. This unique curriculum is:

  • Biblically Driven
  • God-Centered
  • Christ Exalting
  • Gospel-Saturated
  • Family Focused

Chalkboard Teacher  Classrooms

Every week, children in each age range learn from the same passage of Scripture in a way that is appropriate for their respective age levels. Over the nine years that a child spends between three years old and sixth grade, Generations of Grace will lead that child through God's redemptive plan three times, each at a deeper level.

Revolve Kids is divided into five classrooms:

  • Nursery
  • Preschool
  • Kindergarten-1st Grade
  • 2nd-3rd Grade
  • 4th-6th Grade
4th-6th Grade Classroom

Tasks  When you arrive

Check-in: Please visit our check-in station located on the worship center patio to receive a name tag for your child and pickup tag for you.

Dismissal: After worship, your children will be dismissed by the teaching elder. They will then be escorted to their classroom by their teacher, the teacher's assistant, and a member of our security team. Please feel free to walk your child to their class if you would like.

Pick-up: Bring your pickup tag to your child’s classroom at the end of service. No child will be able to leave the room with any adult unless they present the matching pickup sticker. Because we take your child’s security seriously, if you lose your pickup tag, you will be asked to provide proper ID.

gift  Our gift to you

To aid you in discipling your children, we will provide you with a copy of the Generations of Grace Family Devotional. This Devotional Book unites the classroom to the home by assisting you in teaching your children the same truths that they learned at church on Sunday. Ask for your copy of the Generations of Grace Family Devotional at the check-in station.