foundations: Building for the future

God is growing our church, and our current facilities are not conducive to fulfilling our vision of planting a church in Orange County by 2030. To lay a foundation for the future, we must expand all areas of our church building and bring it up to code. When you give to our building campaign, you will strengthen San Juan Capistrano economically when new people join us, socially when we expand programs like the Children's Hunger Fund, and spiritually as the Gospel of Jesus Christ is boldly proclaimed!

What to expect

Our children's ministry has met in two suites behind our worship center for the last five years. God willing, we will now bring all our ministries under one roof!

  • Parking Lot Improvements

    • California requires the parking lot to meet all ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements.

    Expand the Worship Center

    • We will reorient the worship center to fit 60 more people and bring the total seats to two hundred. This will include moving the stage and media booth, increasing the height of the ceiling by five feet to open the space, replacing the lighting to reduce eye strain, replacing all ductwork, and soundproofing the ceiling.

    Expand and Remodel the Bathrooms

    • California building code requires us to increase the size of our restrooms to accommodate 200 people in the worship center. To accomplish this, we are moving the nursery and kitchen upstairs to use the existing spaces to enlarge the bathrooms.

    Redesign the Worship Center

    • We will redesign the worship center to be more comfortable for our members and more inviting to visitors.
  • Add an Elevator

    • California building code requires an elevator when classrooms are on the 2nd floor.

    Add Walls to Keep Building Occupancy Below 300 People Per Service

    • Having more than 300 people in the building at one time would require seismic retrofitting. The owner of the property is not willing to do this.

    Children’s Ministry

    • All children’s ministry classrooms will be relocated to the same place.
    • We will add a classroom to reduce the size of our classes and make them more manageable.

    The new classrooms will include:

    • A Nursing Mom's Room
    • A Nursery
    • A Preschool Classroom
    • A Kindergarten-1st Grade Classroom
    • A 2nd-3rd Grade Classroom
    • A 4th-6th Grade Classroom

    Office Space

    • Pastors Study and Counseling Room
    • An Administration Office
    • A Flex Office


What We Need

We are estimating the total project to cost $940,000.

  • Security Deposit, Architectural, Design, and Permitting Fees - $70,000
  • Elevator - $250,000*
  • First and Second Floor Construction - $620,000

We have raised $654,681** of $940,000

Outstanding Pledges: $102,700

The current need is $182,619

what you can do


  • Please join us in praying that God would provide the necessary funds to complete this project, grow our church, bring people hungry for the Word of God, and use us to plant a church by 2030.

Give Faithfully

  • Please continue or start giving regularly to support the ongoing work of the ministry. 

Give Sacrificially

  • Give a one-time gift to help with the build-out. For thousands of years, Gospel patrons have given sacrificially to help continue and further the work of the Great Commission. You can give several ways: during the Sunday morning worship service, online at for a one-time donation, or at using the Give button on the left. You must designate your offering as going towards the "Building Fund."** For DAF or stock contributions, please email

Give to the Building Fund


We anticipate beginning construction in a few weeks! We will send out updates as they become available via our eBulletin.

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Can we accomplish our vision without remodeling the building?

No, we do not think so. When people join a church, they commit to giving their recourses to continue the work of the ministry. Although our people give generously, our current income is insufficient to finance a church plant. By acquiring a facility that allows us to grow with a modest increase in cost, we can take the funds from the growth and put them towards church planting.


Do we have to do this now?

Yes. Our lease on our current spaces expires in August 2024, and we recently discovered that our existing facilities are not up to code for our use. Because of building code complications, we must move out of our children's ministry suites and bring our worship center up to code.


Are we able to purchase a building instead of leasing?

No, not at this time. After working with our realtor and speaking with our bank, we determined that we would need to purchase a 3-million-dollar facility to accommodate our needs. Banks are currently requiring churches to put 30% down. Therefore, for a 3-million-dollar facility, we would need to raise $700,000 for the down payment and approximately $1,200,000 for a build-out for a commercial space to be converted for church use. We also searched for an existing church we could buy in our area that would fit our needs, but none were available.

How many years is the new lease?

The new lease will be ten years.

Do we have to pay for all the tenant improvements?

No. The owner has agreed to pay for the elevator and its installation (required by the state of California), complete all necessary ADA upgrades to the parking lot and provide us with ten months' free rent to help us offset our costs.


Have we considered finding a new location?

Yes, but we have decided to stay where we are. Our people come from as far as San Diego, Tustin, and Lake Elsinore. Moving our location at this point would adversely affect several of our families.


Will this increase our monthly rent?

Yes. Our monthly rent will increase by approximately $4,500 a month. However, we have worked out a deal with the owner that will give us 10 months once the expansion is completed before the increase takes effect.


Do the design concepts represent what the final project will look like?

Not necessarily. We are in the early stages of design. However, the design concepts give a general sense of what the space could look like. Once we finalize the design, we will present photo-realistic graphics of the new areas.


Can I receive updates on the building expansion project?

Yes. To stay current and get the latest news, ensure you are subscribed to our newsletter at


Should I transfer my giving from the general fund to the building fund?

While it may be tempting to transfer your current giving to the building fund*, this could hinder our ability to maintain the day-to-day functions of church ministry. Therefore, we ask that you consider how you could support the building project above and beyond your current offering.


What will we do once the expansion is complete?

When the expansion is complete, we will host a grand opening and invite the neighborhood and our friends and family to see the facility, experience the life-changing power of the Word of God, and enjoy a catered lunch.


How long will it take for the improvements to be completed?

We have submitted the CUP (Conditional Use Permit) application to the city. Once our CUP is approved, we will begin the construction phase, and we estimate that it will take six months. God willing, we will worship in our new facility by April 2024.


What is the 'right amount' for me to give?

The 'right amount' is the amount God places on your heart to give. Your commitment is a response in worship. The Apostle Paul says in 2 Corinthians 9:6–7, "Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously. Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver."


Can I set up a recurring donation?

Yes. Log in at and select "Repeating Gift" under the Give option. Be sure to use the designation "Building Fund."**


How long do you think these improvements will last once built?

Lord willing, these improvements will provide for the next decade of ministry and foster our ability to serve 500 people while planting churches in Orange County.

*The owner has agreed to pay for the elevator and its installation (required by the state of California), complete all necessary ADA upgrades to the parking lot and provide us with ten months' free rent to help us offset our costs.

**Please note that the building fund use is not restricted. The Elders will determine how the funds are spent.