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Monthly Bible Study

Each month the women of RBC meet in the worship center for dinner, fellowship, prayer, and Bible study. In 2022 we are doing an inductive Bible study through the book of Titus.

Fellowship Events

Each year we have a retreat, outreaches, and fellowship events. See below for a complete list of our upcoming events.

Cross  A God-centered APPROACH

It might surprise you to discover that our women's ministry is not primarily about women so much as it's about God. Although we believe that we, as women, need to encourage one another in our God-given roles (Titus 2:3-5), we aim to focus on God together as women rather than focusing on felt needs. We believe that the cure for every ailment we have is God Himself, and so we desire to seek Him above all else. This conviction works itself out practically in our gatherings by focusing on the study of Scripture and a strong emphasis on intentional discipleship (intentionally helping each other follow Jesus in every area of our lives).